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  • Chris P (trombone) says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for another brilliant year of Tutbury Banding. I think we sound better than ever. Well, I think we sound good when I have rests. If I’m playing I can only really hear myself; you know how it is. BRAAAP!

    Here are my suggestions for pieces for TB to play next:

    1. Soul bossa nova by Quincy Jones (from Austin Powers)
    2. Symphonic marches by John Williams (Raiders march, Imperial march, Olympic fanfare and theme)

    The second one is quite tricky, might still be a bit challenging.

    Both are googleable, what do people think? I can see Geoff in the suit and glasses now (for number 1 I mean).

    I know we like/some of us like musical arrangements so also have the following three musicals suggestions:

    3. I used to play a really good arrangement of Phantom of the Opera in a previous band, it had a xylophone solo (a la the music box from the stage show). That was also quite difficult, but sounded amazing. Not sure how easy this would be to track down, or if we would want to play it given we already have a POTO arrangement (although I don’t think it is brilliant).
    4. I also used to play a nice version of Chess (of ‘I know him so well’ fame (although I don’t particularly like that piece) which is by Benny and Bjorn from Abba) – it’s got some well arranged bits in Nobody’s Side and Anthem, and I remember it being quite easy.
    5. I also heard a good concert band version of Wicked (by Stephen Schwarz) although it sounded nightmarishly difficult in places!

    Oh and we should play Rob’s piece, Amaretto, or whatever it was called. I really liked that.

    Oh yes, and Phantom Menace!

    Anyway, enough from me, I must go and teach Samantha some scales. Feel free to ignore some/most/all of the above, it’s only suggestions!

  • Hello Tutbury Band,

    we arrived all well at home (what really supprised us). It was really nice to meet you all and I hope we can stay in touch and will see us in time again.
    I am always worried about my english, so I hope it is well.

    Love from the Black Forrest

    Marco “backflipper” Lehmann 😉

  • Barbara says:

    Re the photo under “David’s Trials” – I can name quite a lot in this photo, and even more in the companion photo which shows the other half of the band. – See “Tutbury’s Variations”.

    Back Row r. Mel Constable/Peter Appleby/??? went on to be a chef?/ Thomas Phillips – (now a GP)/Douglas Owen/Waldo Jenkins/Phil Harvey/Margaret Baker/Les White/David Kennedy/Rebecca Elson
    Next Row r. Stephanie or Frances Fairless/Lynn Elson/Elaine Pountney/David Walford/Paul ??/Barbara Harvey/Trudy Kennedy/???/???
    Next Row r. Abbey Kennedy/Malcolm’s head/Helena Hitchen/Sheila Crossland/Pauline Welsh/???/???/???
    Front – Luke Connor/ Liz Fairless

  • Paul Rundle says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of instruments I have for sale, before I list them on my eBay site – just in case they are of interest. One is a nice, silver plate Jupiter 520 cornet – lovely condition, no damage, play tested by Jo Baker at band today! Jo nearly said “this is the best cornet I’ve ever played”. Will go on eBay at £195 – but £140 to anyone connected with band. Also, brand new cosmetic second (professionally repaired small crease to bell) Elkhart 100BH Baritone horn. £251 at Normans, I’ve just sold one for £185, I have 2 more available – £150 to anyone in band.
    I can bring to band next Saturday, or you’re welcome to pop round to try them. Cheers, Paul 07976 642769

  • I don’t know what happened to David Cousin’s suggestion to play F for T but here’s a recording taken at a recent audition for TSB which makes me think that standards are being tightened up in the trombone section

  • Elaine Pountney says:

    Thanks for sending the link to BBC iplayer, wouldn’t have thought to have gone onto that!! You all did well, isn’t it funny how people look entirely different to how you imagine – I so got Ms Naylor wrong!

  • John Glanville says:

    I think Abbey’s suggestion to play some of “The Planets” is great. I vote for Mars and Jupiter!

  • Katie Burroughs says:

    What a fantastic website which really elevates the profile of Tutbury band.
    Kevin, you have done such a fantastic job and should be really proud of yourself, your band and your supporters. (Disney sounds FANTASTIC!)
    I played in the band for 10 years and can honestly say that it created some of my fondest childhood memories.

  • Abbey w says:

    No more pirates of the caribbean and you can’t stop the beat!!! but i think that we should play the planet suite because i have played it at school and it is really good. thanks.

  • David Cousins says:

    As a trombonist I would like to hear TSB play Frolic for Trombones, it’s a great piece and with the Trom section we have I think we can make a good job of it. Have a listen, see what you think:
    I loaned Richard a copy of each part and the score some time ago if he still has it?

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