Here is where you will find a review of our latest concerts with a summary of where we were, links to our hosts if appropriate and available and pictures if available. We hope that you enjoy hearing about our playing.

Tutbury Coronation Concert – Church of St. Mary – Saturday 6th of May 2023

What a great evening in the superb setting of The Church of St. Mary in Tutbury to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. The church was packed out with the band and our lovely audience. I’ve shared a few pictures below. We played a rich variety of tunes including pieces to get our patriotic blood running faster. There were Union Jacks waving everywhere and the singing of Land of Hope and Glory could have been heard in Kent, if only Kentish people had beeen listening. The band were shocked to be conducted by Kevin and Chris dressed up in suitable patriotic regalia (Chris can be seen below). We were joined by an excellent choir who shared the stage with the band and sang supremely well. All in all a great night was had by all.

The Bell Inn – Anslow. Sunday 3rd September

On a day when the summer finally arrived the band had the delightful task of playing in the open air at the Bell Inn at Anslow. An interesting concert from the band’s point of view. Many of us use tabs or ipads to read the music. We played the first piece and were halfway through the second when thos of us with our backs to the sun had no music to play. The tabs all over-heated and went on strike so we could no longer read any notes. We managed! There is a lot to be said for old fashioned paper! Hopefully no-one noticed! If they did they were too polite to say, or the beer and the sun just chilled everyone out, including the band! Phooey! If only I’d remembered my wallet, those full glasses looked extremely welcoming! Full marks go to Richard our versatile saxophonist who gamely tried the solo in ‘What a wonderful world’ with his Baritone Sax. Let the audience judge the success. Myself, I prefer his Alto for that one!

In The Break. Not a beer in sight!

The hats were very necessary.

Remebrance Service – Walton Church

Whilst it was cold and rather damp day, there was an excellent turnout by Band Members and some very ‘warm’ playing. The solemnity and the emotion in our playing was excellent and the comments afterwards from appreciative members of the congregation equally so.

Well done all players!

A convivial meeting in The Swan afterwards was also very much appreciated and, not to say, required after a cold playing experience in the church.