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  • Joan Fahey says:

    Hi to you all,
    Tony and I will be in the UK June, July, August 2012. We hope to be able to visit Tutbury for a few days and come to listen to the Band. What changes have occurred since 1980, guess no one “rattles the tin” at fetes etc, as I used to do!

  • Jess Freitas says:

    hello everyone!
    i don’t know if everyone remembers me but i used to be a member of tutbury band and had to leave cause of uni! I found the link to this website on facebook and had a nosy and it was really nice to have a look through the pictures!

    I hope everything’s still good down in the midlands and I’ll come and see some of your concerts soon! would love to see everyone!

    Love Jess! ­čÖé

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